American Eagle Combs

When I meditate at Las Aguilas Ranch, golden eagles glide silently across the Rio Grande. Human conflict remains a distant noise, irrelevant to their command of the air. Yet native and immigrant Americans have idolized our national bird forever. Combs are no exception. Here are a few examples from the Creative Museum’s North American collection.

c. 1890, tortoiseshell, hinged.

c. 1910, back- and side-comb set, rhinestones.

c. 1890, a claw holds a ball, tortoiseshell

c. 1920, celluloid comb with an eagle motif

c. 1940, Tlingit shaman comb of an eagle eating a jaguar. The Tlingit are an indigenous people from the Pacific Northwest coast of Alaska.


For more scholarly research, please examine

The American Eagle in Art and Design

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