Diamond Tiara / Diamond Pin

In the Victorian Era, jewelry was convertible. A set of three diamond sprays would come with different fittings. In this 1855 example from Hunt & Roskell of London, the diamond pieces combined to make a tiara or corsage pin, were worn individually as brooches. Or, the two larger pieces could be attached to tortoiseshell side combs. The fittings were placed neatly in the original velvet box, underneath the pad on which the diamonds rested. The initials MP and a Viscount’s coronet were stamped on top. They suggest the diamonds belonged to Mary Portman, wife of the 2nd Viscount Portman, who married in 1855.


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2 thoughts on “Diamond Tiara / Diamond Pin

  1. Starry Diadem

    My favourite tiara! I adore this one, and every time I go to the British Museum, I pay it a visit.

    1. BarbaraAnne Post author

      Oh, I’m so glad it is your favorite! Welcome to the posting side of the blog. Everyone, this is Starry Diadem, my pal and a tiara scholar on Pintrest!


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