Morrocan Taj, or Crown

This magnificent Moroccan wedding tiara is made up of three parts: two sides that meet in the middle and a piece that attaches on top. Made c. 1800, its openworked pyramid shape is richly decorated with emeralds and gemstones. It is inscribed “ربما هو على الله ورسوله” or Might is for God and His Messenger.

Sotheby’s estimates its worth at 15,000 GBP. I’ll be interested to know how much higher the final sale price will be.


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5 thoughts on “Morrocan Taj, or Crown

  1. Joost Daalder

    Additional note: I traced the piece, and found out that it was sold on 25 April, in London, for 51.650 GBP. In assessing the price, we must of course take into account that this is made of gold, not silver, according to the auctioneer’s description.

  2. Raja Kobat

    A profound collection can be seen in this blog. I’m truly impressed !
    And as regards the Moroccan Taj or I don’t think it is a “Crown” at all; because it’s form is as a magnificent TIARA … Thus I wonder who was it designed for ? ~ Most likely a Moroccan Queen at a guess.


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