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Jessica Beauchemin

By the Creative Museum: She sculpts different woods into hair-comb heaven. Describing her philosophy, Ms. Beauchemin says, “I strive to explore fine woodworking, to develop a personal approach that will enhance the riches and nuances of the matter. I shape solid woods and veneers in symbiosis with other natural materials such as mother-of-pearls, stones, metals…Continue Reading

Creative Museum: Crown of Immortality

By the Creative Museum: The Crown of Immortality is a literary and religious metaphor, which developed visual representations, initially as a laurel wreath, and later as a symbolic circle of stars (often a crown, tiara, halo or aureola). The Crown appears in a number of Baroque iconographic and allegoric works of art, and indicates immortality…Continue Reading

Wood combs in European cultures

Par le Creative Museum (The English translation can be found in the first comment.) Pour les cultures occidentales, le peigne en bois a souvent été le parent pauvre de l’ornement de coiffure. La plupart du temps, on utilisait le bois pour fabriquer des peignes de toilette, mais on l’oubliait dès qu’il s’agissait de créer un…Continue Reading

Creative Museum: Ivory Comb from Dieppe, France

by the Creative Museum: From the Fourteenth Century, Dieppe sailors docked their boats on the coast of Guinea to collect ivory. Instead of selling their precious raw material to Paris workshops, they learned to carve great works of art themselves and kept the profit. The bindweed flowers carved onto this ivory diadem are hinged to…Continue Reading

Les Peignes Art Nouveau

Par le Musée Creative L’Art nouveau est un mouvement artistique qui naît en Europe à la fin du XIXe siècle et rencontre un succès immédiat. Il se développe même internationalement et prend des noms différents selon les pays qui l’adoptent: Tiffany aux Etats-Unis, Skonvirke au Danemark, Stile Liberty en Italie, etc…Le terme français « Art nouveau…Continue Reading

Coming soon: The dazzle of the U.S.

The Creative Museum is happy to present its new exhibition on American celluloid rhinestones combs. 1st  February / 30th August 2011 To be seen on Don’t miss! In the U.S. at the beginning of the twentieth century, high society parties were particularly dazzling affairs. Classy women used to enhance their hairstyles with brightly-coloured combs set…Continue Reading