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Silver crown of Hatice Sultan, daughter of Ottoman Sultan Murad V. by Nuray Bilgili

    I wanted to examine this crown from a mythological and iconic perspective. A bird spreads its wings in front of the crown and two bird figures are placed on the left. These three bird figures are connected with … Continue reading

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Hair Combs from the Parthian and Sasanian Empires of Ancient Persia

The Parthian Empire existed in Ancient Persia from 247 BC – 224 AD. It is also called the Arsacid Empire after Arsaces I of Parthia, the Parni tribal leader who conquered what is now, modern-day Iran’s northeast region. At its … Continue reading

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Islamic Art

This gilded, enameled turban ornament is from 19th Century Persia. On the front, the central panel depicts foliage and is surrounded by diamonds. The plumed crown has rubies, emeralds, and is bordered in blue enamel, fringed with pearls. The reverse … Continue reading

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