Sun Queen or Parrot Owner?

This ivory comb is being sold as part of a collection of African art at Sothebys. It is from the Baule tribe on the Ivory Coast. Est: $1200. Many times, combs from this tribe and region will be sold on Ebay. When artists represent their culture, they often do mythology and tell the world about their gods. But when I saw this, I thought, this artist must own a parrot.

While the artist is trying to work, her pet parrot (let’s say he’s an amazon named Harry :-) flies in the exact spot where he would have to be paid attention to immediately, her head. Then he pecks at her hair because in his mind, she has to get up and give him a peanut, now now now. The artist, meanwhile, closes her eyes and asks, “God, why me,” as her headache bulges. :-) I fell in love with this comb.

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