Kind Hearts and Coronets

This peeress coronet was made for a countess, the wife of an Earl, to be worn at the coronation of Edward VIII. It was made in London, 1936, for  the coronation , which was planned on the 12th of May, 1937. However, Edward abdicated in December 1937 to marry divorcee Wallis Simpson, and the coronation never took place.

The coronet would presumably have been worn at the coronation of his brother George VI later in 1937.  It is made of a circlet of silver, gilded, with eight strawberry leaves and eight balls on raised points denoting the rank of Earl. It is lined in crimson silk velvet with gold tassel and trimmed with ermine around the base. It  was designed to be worn on the top of the head, usually in conjunction with a tiara, so is 16 cm [6.25 inches] in diameter and 16 cm [ 6 .25 inches] tall.

This text and image must be credited to Rowan and Rowan, a shop in London that has fabulous things, most notably cameos. I have bought two things from them, but I missed this by minutes! Argh!

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