Creative Museum: Tuareg Jewelry Worn by a Wodaabe Woman

by The Creative Museum:

Parmi les peuples de la savane africaine, les Peuls, appelés aussi
Fulanis, se font remarquer par la finesse de leurs traits. Les hommes
comme les femmes attachent beaucoup d’importance à leur aspect physique
qu’ils entretiennent avec le plus grand soin. Ils utilisent de nombreux
accessoires de beauté trouvés sur les marchés, au hasard de leurs
déplacements. Les bijoux des artisans Touaregs sont très prisés car ils
sont du plus bel effet dans leur chevelure. Sur la photo, une femme
Peule (du groupe des Wodaabe) a placé en arrière de son chignon frontal
une superbe épingle traditionnelle en argent ciselé. Découvrez aussi les
épingles collectées par Creative Museum.


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4 thoughts on “Creative Museum: Tuareg Jewelry Worn by a Wodaabe Woman

  1. BarbaraAnne Post author

    As the Fulani spread Islam across the African savannah, they enfolded many tribes into their identity. Among them were the Tuareg (nomadic Berbers) and Wodaabe (a Fulani ethnic group), who inhabit the Saharan interior of North Africa. Both peoples are remarkable for the delicacy of their features. Men and women attend to their physical appearance with the utmost care. Traveling randomly across the trade routes of Niger, Nigeria, and Cameroon, they have access to beauty accessories from many different markets. Tuareg jewelry artisans are especially popular because their silver hair pins reflect the sun and provide a beautiful effect. In this photo, a Wodaabe woman places a superb engraved silver hair pin behind her frontal hair. Discover the many African hair pins collected by The Creative Museum.

    1. creativemuseum

      Yes, she is wearing a watch but this accessory is mostly regarded as an ornament as if it were a bracelet. Fortunaletly for them, they do not run after time like we generally do! No need of a watch, the sun is enough to indicate the moment of the day.

      1. BarbaraAnne Post author

        I certainly agree with their approach, as opposed to my global online world where people in four American time zones try to schedule a meeting with colleagues in the UK and Australia. :-)


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