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Gina Hellweger: Tribal Art from Sumatra and the Philippines

Would you share a table with me? I will show you some tribal combs and art I’ve collected from Sumatra (the big silver comb in the center) and the Philippines. This wooden comb decorated with wild boar siblings comes from … Continue reading

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Gina Hellweger: Ethiopian Judaeo-Christian Art for Sale

Ethiopia enjoys a well-developed tradition in iconography, manuscript illumination, calligraphy, book art, metal work, woodcarving and many other art forms. Ethiopia althrough surrounded by Muslim countries has a thriving Orthodox Church and a proud Judaeo-Christian history, tracing back to the … Continue reading

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Gina Hellweger: Incised Bone Hair Pin, Li Ethnic Minority, China

The Li ethnic minority lives mainly in the center and south of Hainan Province. According to historical records, they have been on Hainan Island for over 3000 years. The Li people have the earliest weaving techniques in Chinese history. They … Continue reading

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