Well, you had to wear them in something

Here are some 19th-century paintings of Geishas in their wigs, wearing the beautiful ornaments we all admire. It’s nice to see kushi and kanzashi in context. From the historical record these paintings provide, it looks like the wigs were just as creative as the combs.

Geisha with Sake Cup, by Keisai Yeisen (1789-1851)

Courtesan with a fan, by Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1806)

The Doll’s Festival, from the Furyu Goyo Matsu (Five Seasonal Festivals) Series, by Torii Kiyomitsu II (Torii Kiyomine) (1788-1868)

Beauties of the Yoshiwara at Daikoku House, by Keisai Yeisen (1789-1851).

And on a BA-Life Personal Clutz Note: I’m glad my Japanese combs are in a case. Can you imagine balancing in one of those wigs, knowing you have these priceless tortoiseshell ornaments on, and you can’t fall? And the kimonos! Can you imagine walking in that and not falling? Who stopped wearing heels at 40? ;-)

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  1. D

    Second photo is not a geisha but an OIRAN that would would be a top rank prostitute! In fact all of them are oiran


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