Art Nouveau and Art Deco in One Face

Art Nouveau’s dedication to the natural world ignited European artists from 1890 – 1905. However, brilliant design has many faces, among them fashion still worn today. In the book, Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration from Africa, author Hans Sylvester reveals a fashion revolution in design thinking: Art Nouveau and Art Deco meld into a single concept as plants and bold natural colors decorate the body and face. John Paul Gaultier, take notice. What the Surma and Mursi tribes of East Africa’s Omo Valley have created is worthy of the most elite haute couture runways.

2 thoughts on “Art Nouveau and Art Deco in One Face

  1. peggy elliott

    Thank you for reminding us to appreciate the fact there is art throughout the universe, if we are astute and open-minded enough to recognize it for what it is: Art of the highest order!

  2. haircombdiva Post author

    I think so. In the valuation of combs, European antiques usually fetch the highest price. I think that’s because people’s education has been Euro-centered, as was mine. But imagine if Paris designers took inspiration from this natural art and made headdresses out of fabric. Even the makeup. Look at the Goth style. I think it’s hideous myself, and if you wanted to express yourself in color, this is a much more beautiful way of doing it. But that’s just me. :-)


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