Jessica Beauchemin and Miriam Slater

I would like to welcome two new authors to our community blog.

An award-winning Canadian modern artist, Jessica Beauchemin creates balanced abstract wood sculptures, which I feel mirror the design sense of Alexander Calder.

Our second new author is Miriam Slater. We have had passionate conversations about Japanese hair ornaments for years, and she has put her collection online. When I saw what she had, I fainted. She will write about her own collection, as is proper, but as I have absolutely no emotional control, I must share three pieces. They are all Edo masterpieces, and I am sure Miriam will have more to say about her work in future posts.

Ivory Edo half-moon comb of plover birds sitting on a cherry tree branch, with blossoms.

Tortoiseshell Edo comb of three carp swimming in the water. The carving on the fish is so detailed, they almost have human expressions.

Do you see how the turtle is looking from underneath the water at the birds flying above? The artist achieves this metaphor by hooking the birds to the kushi with silver finials and coral beads. Brilliant.

4 thoughts on “Jessica Beauchemin and Miriam Slater

  1. peggy elliott

    Um, I’m none too bright and often have a hard time figuring out subliminal stuff – but I don’t see a turtle, or birds, or coral (unless they are hidden behind the fish?!).

    I have a couple of Miriam’s much lesser pieces (as “in my price range”) and I cherish them!

    She’s a splendid artist, as well.

  2. BarbaraAnne Post author

    Thank you so much Ledia! Peggy, the turtle is the brass figure right below the second bird to the left. :-)


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