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The White Bonaz

I missed it. I was too busy trying to get the server up. Head bangs against wall. It sold on ebay for $586.11 on Feb 22. A masterpiece, a Maltese Falcon, a heartbreaker from French art deco designer Auguste Bonaz. Bonaz combs are made of celluloid. I would just like to say that Alexandre de Paris rare pieces, where Paris atteliers make 3 of them, follow the tradition of Bonaz.

Myrna’s Enamels

Art deco comb makers in the mid-1920s to late 30s worked in celluloid, using enamel paint, bold designs, and minute detail work. Bonaz ruled France. First to show are 4 English combs owned by my friend Myrna, which just slay me they are so gorgeous. Three of them were bought on ebay, the rose one was bought at a show. Underneath are two Bonaz combs. The first I sold to Jo, a great collector, during the –loooooong story– Betrayal of 2004. The orange Bonaz is Myrna’s. And last is Myrna’s deliciously wild Dr. Seussian art deco comb where the world is turned upside down. It is unsigned, but French. At this level, all of these are a rare find. The Seussian one is unique. Forget about ever finding anything else like it. Enjoy!

My Collection and Latest Grab :-)

Here are the combs in my coffee table vitrine. :-)

Also, here is my latest grab. I sniped it. I know some of the people who bid, and I think they cursed my name. ;-PPPP No, I jest. But I love the colorful, bold, flamboyant art deco celluloid combs. I’m going to bet this one is English. The best designer in this style of course is the French artist Auguste Bonaz. But I loved this ‘blue and orange flowers on a vine’ comb. We’ll end the night with some color. Price: $135.

Mary’s Bonaz Comb

I am delighted to present this post by Mary Bachman, president of the Antique Comb Collectors Club. She wrote one of the definitive books on European combs called, “A Collectors Guide To Hair Combs.” I’d recommend buying this book because she has a beautiful collection, and it is also a price guide.

Mary wanted to share one of her Auguste Bonaz combs with us. She writes, “Auguste Bonaz was a designer of hair ornaments during the early 20th Century. His designs are very popular with collectors. His company was located in Oyonnax in Eastern France where he designed for leading jewelry makers. After World War I his business expanded and the demand for his combs continued to grow. Even though ladies were bobbing their hair, his combs continued to be popular. His designs are varied and delightful. Bonaz died in 1922, but his wife carried on his business using only his original designs. His nephew managed the business until 1982 when it finally closed. (Reference: Jen Cruse article in the Antique Comb Collector, June 2000).