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My server is down

Power goes to it. It won’t turn on. Shop Monday. When it’s fixed, the pictures will show again. SORRY!

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Miriam Slater: Tortoiseshell Combs

I do not know what to do with myself when I see what artist Miriam Slater has collected. My mind basically goes blank. However, my jaw does recover within the hour. Here are two picks from the tortoiseshell part of … Continue reading

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Creative Museum: Chinese and Japanese Comb Book

Wow, peeps! They are publishing electronic books now. :-) Chinese and Japanese Hair Ornaments by the Creative Museum.

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Manchu China

In 1644, the Northern Manchurians conquered China, defeating the ethnic Hans in the South. They named their dynasty Qing, meaning clear, as the Hans’ Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644) ended. While the Manchurians integrated with the Chinese, many rebellions and … Continue reading

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Photographing Combs

I am working with lights, a friend’s instructions, flashes, oh my God there is so much to think about… :-) Here are four comb pictures from my collection. The first is a Chinese ivory export comb for the Victorian market, … Continue reading

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