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Memorial Day

To all the soldiers who have served, returned, were injured, endured being a prisoner of war, went missing, or have given their lives for this country, we thank you. We honor you. May our community give you a simple gift, … Continue reading

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Lalique Comb

I cannot believe there is a Lalique comb that hasn’t been featured on this blog. ;-P This one is “Drone with Umbels,” c. 1901-2. It is made from carved horn, gold, and enamel. An umbel is a flower consisting of … Continue reading

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Creative Museum: From the Sapio Workshops at Napoli

The Creative Museum recently acquired this Italian hairpin topped in blonde tortoiseshell with Putto, Cupid’s name in the Italian Renaissance. The bottom of the stick is dark shell. The piece was made in the Sapio Workshops in Napoli, c. 1900. … Continue reading

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The gigantic hair ornaments of oiran, Japan’s courtesans

Oiran or Japan’s highest ranking courtesans were the grandest and most spectacular women of the “floating world”. The word oiran means “first flower” which poetically indicates their exalted status in society. Like geisha they often had humble beginnings, and many … Continue reading

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Frida Kahlo

In 1946, Frida gave this miniature self-portrait to her lover Jose Bartoli, signing it “Para Bartoli con amor.” However, scholars believe she painted it in 1938. Young and serene, the poppies in her hair are her heart, her blood, her … Continue reading

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Emerald and Diamond Tiara

This tiara belonged to Princess Katharina Henckel von Donnersmark, c. 1900. Forget the laurel-leaf motif at the bottom and the brilliant-cut diamonds in the center, the 11 emeralds on top total almost 500 carats. Price estimate: around $9,000,000. :-)

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Prices are rising for African combs

On September 15, 2009, a comb from the Ivory Coast made from Hippopotamus bone sold for $1200 at Sotheby’s. It featured a bird on top of a woman’s head, a symbol of fertility. Last Friday, May 13, another comb of … Continue reading

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We’re Back!

My server is up and running again. I’m so happy! Thank you brother Josh!!!!! We have a new author. Announcement tomorrow. Here is a beautiful Ashanti comb from the Lazar collection, which was on display at the Oceanside Museum of … Continue reading

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Comb Photography: Elkington & Co Electroplate Barrette

This art nouveau barrette was made by the company who pioneered electroplating silver onto copper in 1840s Birmingham England. E&C marks are on the back. This art nouveau barrette was made c. 1900. Two women’s faces, one sad, one happy, … Continue reading

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French Turquoise, Silver, and Pearl comb

The French had a style of tiara comb with a silver base encasing turquoise beads and small pearls. They are small, but intricately beautiful. c. 1880. Each row of stones has a differently shaped setting. Here is mine. If you … Continue reading

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