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Collier Comète Hair Pin

On November 1, 1932, Coco Chanel exhibited her first collection of fine jewelry in her Paris apartment. Two of her most enduring innovations were putting diamonds in invisible settings so you could see their brilliance without distraction, and the Collier Comète. The necklace was a collar made to imitate fabric. The jewelers spent 9 months…Continue Reading

Chanel: Bijoux de diamants

On November 1, 1932, Coco Chanel exhibited her first fine jewelry collection in her “private rooms” at 29 Rue du Faubourg-St.-Honoré, Paris. She wrote… “I want jewelry to be like a ribbon around women’s fingers. I started creating costume jewelry because it was refreshingly free of arrogance, during a period that tended towards ostentatious displays…Continue Reading

Malcom Morris Tiaras

Malcom Morris makes replicas of Regency-style tiaras for the film industry and private clients. His studio is in central London. Shopping is by private appointment, only. This 18-carat gold design was made in 2002. As the stem of gold leaves branch out, they are accented by yellow and green sapphires, pale yellow and crystal beryl,…Continue Reading

Cameo Masterpiece

This Regency tiara comb, c. 1820, has seven oval shell cameos, which portray winged characters in mythical scenes. The cameos are surrounded by small beads and mounted in an intricate open-work design. Sotheby’s estimates its value at between 4,000 to 6,000 GBP. A magnificent piece, indeed.Continue Reading

French Silver Beauty

By the way the tines are welded on the back, I’d place this silver beauty in France, c. 1850. The first layer of this tiara comb is an intricate rectangular silver design, on top of which is a smaller strip with a larger pattern. Three medalions are welded to the strip in the front so…Continue Reading

Some lovely things at Sothebys

This is a lovely example of classic style. Hair comb pairs like this were also called opera combs. The crowns of these are openwork plaques set with about 1.50 carats of European-cut and rose-cut diamonds atop tortoise shell combs. Eighteenth-century India gives us this next tiara in an unusual hinged form. The openwork decoration depicts…Continue Reading

Citrine Tiara Comb

The French put many dressings on these large brass tiara combs. I have one with opals. Sometimes the tines are bent so the top can be worn as a tiara. Other times, the comb is in its original formation. This one, c. 1830, has French import marks and two rows of citrines in graduating sizes.…Continue Reading

Swedish Royal Wedding

On June 19, 2010, Crown Princess Victoria married her personal trainer, Daniel Westling. She wore the same cameo tiara, her mother wore to her own wedding on the same day in 1976. Cameos adorn the center of a gold and pearl frame. Greek mythological characters Cupid and Psyche grace the center cameo. Here is her…Continue Reading