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Blonde Tortoiseshell Griffin

The griffin, or eagle-lion, is generally portrayed with wings, a beak, eagle claws and feathered, and pointy ears. Some traditions say that only female griffins have wings. Griffins found themselves on the cross of St. George, Greek mythology, Persian poetry, Milton’s Paradise Lost and Dante’s Divine Comedy. I saw this comb on Ruby Lane. The…Continue Reading

Mother of Pearl Hair Combs

The Creative Museum has two stunning mother-of-pearl combs. The first is a masterpiece of mother-of-pearl (mop) cutting and engraving. It depicts a roe deer, which symbolizes wealth and longevity. In Celtic culture, its antlers symbolize heavenly light. They also have a drop-dead mop comb with a floral motif. So I have been served. ;-) Here…Continue Reading

Some combs I like

This late-Edo tortoiseshell comb is held in an open silver frame with a silver mount Fuji behind gold and silver birds. The fruit on the tree are pearls. A similar decoration graces the matching kogai stick. It comes in its original box and is selling for $1400 on Trocadero. I also liked this carved gilt…Continue Reading