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There is a completeness to this 2500-comb collection, as it spans the whole world and time. Most individual collections specialize. This museum brings together the love of many in a dazzling display of hair comb art. The pictures are a community unto themselves. The museum founders state, “There is nowhere you can see this collection,…Continue Reading

This comb from the Tlingit tribe of the Pacific Northwest depicts the head, torso and forelegs of a bear. Human faces are carved within the bear’s ears, and a bear cub’s face peaks out between them. There is symmetry between the bear’s teeth, claws, and the comb’s tines. The reverse side features two human feet…Continue Reading

Maang Tika

Astonishingly beautiful, Indian brides wear a hair ornament that is like a pendant for the forhead. It is called a maang tika. They’re a longstanding Indian bridal tradition with a storied history in painting and sculpture. Maang tikas have a hook that attaches to your hair so that the maang (string) can rest in the…Continue Reading

Oriental Carving

The first two items for today are Chinese hair pins. The first is from my private collection and had been carved from one piece of tortoiseshell, the blonde part representing a bird. I believe the piece to be dated c. 1890. The second hair pin is coral, Tang Dynasty (618-907), and carved in the form…Continue Reading