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Royal Wedding Tiara

In 1936, the Duke of York (later King George VI) bought this tiara for Queen Elizabeth II’s mother, the Queen Mum. Cartier called it the “Halo” tiara. A fashion journalist also dubbed it the “Scroll” tiara. Both names stuck. Wedding … Continue reading

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Oh My God, This Coral Comb

It’s on sale on E-bay for $2500. In the Victorian Era, coral jewelry was said to promote good health. Seeing this and not being able to buy it promotes agony, so I’m not sure the Victorian theory has transposed well … Continue reading

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Crane and tortoise, two major Japanese symbols

Par Creative Museum Au Japon, deux figures animales associées reviennent très souvent comme motif décoratif. Il s’agit de la grue et de la tortue. De nombreux kanzashi en sont ornés mais on les retrouve aussi sur les miroirs, les broderies … Continue reading

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Silver Kanzashi

The kanzashi’s original purpose was a charm against evil spirits. The tradition began as early as 1000 BC to 300 AD, in Japan’s Jomon Era. Decorating them with flowers invited deities. The art captured the Japanese cultural imagination in the … Continue reading

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Creative Museum: Facing Me, Facing You

African intellectual history came alive when sculptors placed figures on top of hair combs. These ideas are beautifully shown in Facing Me, Facing You, a video narrated by the Creative Museum.

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Poetry and symbolism in Japanese kanzashi

By Miriam Slater: The Japanese over the centuries have distinguished themselves by their cultivation of humor, fine design and poetry within their art. In fact, these qualities are what originally attracted me to kanzashi. As an artist I found myself … Continue reading

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How I stumbled upon hair ornaments…

By Jessica Beauchemin: I stumbled upon hair ornaments by chance, and to this day, I am still moved by this surprising story… Following studies in Artistic Cabinet-Making and work in a small shop, very soon I felt the need to … Continue reading

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Ebay Dealer Mistakes

There have been many lovely combs on the American, British, and French E-bay sites. However, some dealers misidentify their comb’s country of origin. Here are two examples. Please see item #130476761205. The hairpin is stunning, condition excellent, no arguments that … Continue reading

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Sicilian Coral Comb

Sotheby’s sold this set of 4 coral, gold, and tortoiseshell Sicilian combs for 3120 EUR on June 20. They are c. 1890 and came in their original box.

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Alexandre de Paris: Rare Piece

The one I bought :-) The one I didn’t buy. :-(

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