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Celluloid Combs: Leominster, MA, and France’s Oyonnax Valley

Who invented celluloid? The credit cannot go to one person or one continent. However, the world’s first thermoplastic was registered in 1870. With celluloid, heat and machines could be used to mold, cut, and carve many objects per hour for the first time. Capitalists invested. Artists’ imaginations went wild. Endless possibilities of color, shape, and…Continue Reading

Clément Joyard Spiderweb Comb

Morticia Addams could not have dreamed of a more appropriate comb. This mantilla spiderweb was designed by Clément Joyard, c. 1910. He, along with Bonaz, Léon Arbez-Carme, and Marius Camet, were among the famous designers who had their combs made in the celluloid factories of France’s Oyonnax Valley. Happy Early Halloween? :-) For more scholarly…Continue Reading

Art Nouveau and Art Deco in One Face

Art Nouveau’s dedication to the natural world ignited European artists from 1890 – 1905. However, brilliant design has many faces, among them fashion still worn today. In the book, Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration from Africa, author Hans Sylvester reveals a fashion revolution in design thinking: Art Nouveau and Art Deco meld into a single concept…Continue Reading

Deco Enamel

This beautiful art deco comb looks like it’s folded-over fabric. The dealer said it came from the family of a bodyguard and friend of Abraham Lincoln, but he only had the word of the family. Provenance cannot be proved, so poof on the value of that, but the comb’s design is fabulous. It sold for…Continue Reading

Mary’s Bonaz Comb

I am delighted to present this post by Mary Bachman, president of the Antique Comb Collectors Club. She wrote one of the definitive books on European combs called, “A Collectors Guide To Hair Combs.” I’d recommend buying this book because she has a beautiful collection, and it is also a price guide. Mary wanted to…Continue Reading