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I am a Wolf Shaman in the Tuva Republic

My name is Cenk Sertdemir, or Salchak Kurt Şaman. Here, I am performing the ritual Sacrament of the Black Sea, or Karadenizde Saman Ayini. It is important to me that people know Siberian Shamanism is directly linked to the real … Continue reading

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Afghan Gold and the Silk Road

Artisans as well as objects were itinerant along the Silk Road, named for Chinese silk traders in the Han Dynasty (206 BC to 220 AD). No one traveled the entire route from end to end. Land and sea routes formed … Continue reading

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The Ulu Kysh of the Tandy Taiga Peak

Cenk Sertdemir, a real Siberian Shaman, wrote in and corrected an old post with priceless scholarship: “This figure is Sook-Irey, or Father Frost. He comes in the coldest winters from the depth of Tandy-Taiga Mountain. Magically he takes on a … Continue reading

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Cartier in the Art Deco Period

Louis Cartier was vice president of the committee that organized jewelers for the 1925 “L’Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes” in Paris. His jewelry was greatly influenced by the costumes Coco Chanel was designing for the Ballet Russes … Continue reading

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Some Lovely Things on Ebay

Three stunning way-too-expensive pieces are selling on E-bay. They come from different worlds. Looking at them, I feel like I’m in a historical conference in an imaginary United Nations. The first piece is a back comb from the French Empire’s … Continue reading

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Chinese Enamel Hair Pin for Sale at Le Boudoir

Hello, it’s a pleasure to introduce myself. Many long-time collectors know me already. I’m Sue Marie Turner of Le Boudoir. You can see my profile on the Dealer Program page. I just came home from a buying trip with a … Continue reading

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Introducing our Dealer Program

I am introducing a program for sellers who know what they are doing to offer exclusive discounts on beautiful, rare pieces from anyone who makes an inquiry and mentions they came from BarbaraAnne’s Hair Comb Blog. The discount will apply … Continue reading

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The Nuba People of Sudan

In 1974-’76, Leni Riefenstahl published portraits of the Nuba people in two books: Africa, which was about the Mesakin Nuba, and the People of Kau, which featured the South East Nuba 100 miles away. In the mid-70’s, the Nuba’s artistic … Continue reading

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Rene Lalique: Glass in Jewelry

Lalique dazzled the public, carving combs of flowers and butterflies using new materials, such as ivory, bronze, and horn. But in 1901, he was the first to exhibit crystal-glass jewelry at the Exhibition of the Paris Salon. These four pieces … Continue reading

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