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Clément Joyard Spiderweb Comb

Morticia Addams could not have dreamed of a more appropriate comb. This mantilla spiderweb was designed by Clément Joyard, c. 1910. He, along with Bonaz, Léon Arbez-Carme, and Marius Camet, were among the famous designers who had their combs made … Continue reading

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Jade Comb – Diamond Tiara

We are a forest goddess with fairy handmaidens who present us with jewelry so we can choose which piece fits our mood. If these two pieces were presented, which would you choose? First is a beautiful English diamond tiara made … Continue reading

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Manchu Hair Pin: Great E-bay Auction

A fabulous mouthwatering Manchu hair pin sold on E-Bay for $706 on July 26. Stunning detail in the kingfisher decorations, with not a feather missing. There was a butterfly in the center, surrounded by coral, jade, a beaded flower, and … Continue reading

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Charlemagne Crown, Carolus Magnus

I believe Diana Scarisbrick put Charlemagne’s original crown on the cover of her book, Royal Jewels: From Charlemagne to the Romanovs A Carolus Magnus-style crown was also made in 1804 for Napoleon’s coronation. What I like about Napoleon’s version is … Continue reading

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Miriam Slater Collection: Silk and Bone Kanzashi

From The Miriam Slater Collection: A silk kanzashi with silver-thread trim adds panache to a bone hair pin. It was made, c. 1900, for a maiko, or apprentice geisha.

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The Poetry of Emperor Yao

Ancient Chinese legends celebrate the wisdom, benevolence, and diligence of Emperor Yao (2356 – 2255 BC). In his poetry, he wrote, “The drum for raising alarms is now covered in deep moss, and the fowls are left undisturbed,” which referred … Continue reading

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And She Danced with Diamonds in Her Hair

Her mother died. Her 9-year-old brother was too young to lose a mother, so she wrapped his sandwiches beautifully and put toys in his lunch bags — Every day. She married Bernardo. Had Natalia Bernardo Jr. Braulio. Got up at … Continue reading

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American Eagle Combs

When I meditate at Las Aguilas Ranch, golden eagles glide silently across the Rio Grande. Human conflict remains a distant noise, irrelevant to their command of the air. Yet native and immigrant Americans have idolized our national bird forever. Combs … Continue reading

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Auguste Bonaz in the Machine

The Industrial Revolution was built on the invention of new materials and the machines that allowed them to be mass produced into cheap products, quickly. The exploitation of sweatshop laborers had a profound impact on society. Plastic comb making was … Continue reading

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Creative Museum: Haute Couture Combs

Par le Creative Museum: Les défilés de Haute Couture sont toujours attendus avec intérêt car on aime à être ébloui par la féerie de couleurs et de formes qui s’y déploient. Les grands couturiers donnent tout pouvoir à leur imagination … Continue reading

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