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Brooch / Hairpin at the Musée Lalique

Different fittings can attach to many extraordinary pieces of jewelry. For example, a brooch could become a hair ornament, quite easily. Lalique made this corsage into a breathtaking fairy tale of 18K gold, diamond leaves, mother-of-pearl flowers, and green enamel. … Continue reading

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Janvier Quercia Hair Comb

Janvier Quercia was a French silversmith who worked c. 1900. This hair comb was part of a three-piece silver-gilt parure, which included a belt buckle and necklace. A woman emerging from leaves expressed Art Nouveau’s philosophy of metamorphosis. The buckle … Continue reading

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Kajetan Fiedorowicz: A Glimpse of My Collection

It is my pleasure to share a short film, where I speak about and show some pieces from my collection. I also recently did a radio interview. Thank you all so graciously for your time. Kajetan

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The Creative Museum: E Burlisson Comb

Mysteriously trolling the streets of Paris, exquisitely dressed, Alain found this: a celluloid comb signed by a heretofore unknown designer, E. Burlisson. The shape of the comb, with its black edge, is pure Art Deco. However, the floral designs that … Continue reading

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Tadema Gallery: British Arts & Crafts Barrette

This barrette sports mottled blue and green enamel on a silver backing, with two pearls. Britain, c. 1900. It is in the 1200 to 2500 UKP price range at The Tadema Gallery in London. कंघी For more scholarly research, please … Continue reading

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René Lalique and Philippe Wolfers

Lalique introduced horn into the jewelry repertoire. In this tiara, c. 1902, the iridescent horn has different hues, lighter in the center, darker on the sides. The flowers have diamond centers. A gold hinge attaches the tiara to a three-pronged … Continue reading

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Mexican Horn Comb

Although the silver mines of Taxco are the most famous region for Mexican jewelry, illustrations of modern life were also inked on horn combs. This piece was made in the 1970’s. Mairin Bulldozer Connor identified the bird as a Tricolored … Continue reading

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European Liturgical Combs

When a new bishop was consecrated in Medieval Europe, ceremony required several rituals be performed before he stepped onto the altar. He wore sandals, sat on a throne, covered his shoulders with an amice, and purified his hair. Ivory combs … Continue reading

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Cartier Hair Comb

This comb sold at Sotheby’s for $20,000 on April 20, 2010. I believe Japanese ideas influenced Cartier’s Parisian jewelers in 1920, just as they influenced French artists during Japonisme (1867-1905). The Japanese intricately carved chrysanthemums on coral kanzashi. It seems … Continue reading

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Miriam Slater Collection: Kanzashi with people

By Miriam Slater: The designs in most Japanese kanzashi most commonly are drawn from nature, such as animals ( tortoise, cranes and fish), plants (bamboo, flowers and pine trees) or landscapes (harbors, waves and mountains). Much harder to find are … Continue reading

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