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New Acquisitions at the Creative Museum

Just as prowling for treasure is a way of life, so world-class scholarship is a state of mind. The Creative Museum has acquired two stunning new pieces for their collection: a gilt-gold hair pin with opals, rubies, and turquoise surrounding … Continue reading

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Alexander Calder Hair Comb Collection

When Alexander Calder was a young man, he worked as a fireman in a ship’s boiler room. While the ship was anchored off the Guatemalan coast, he woke up on deck to see one side of the sky pink and … Continue reading

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Manuel Orazi Comb

Manuel Orazi (b. Rome, 1860) illustrated books and posters in France from 1884 until his death. In 1895, he illustrated “Aphrodite,” by Pierre Louÿs and achieved notoriety with his grotesque, occult drawings for Austin De Croze’s Calendrier Magique. Production was … Continue reading

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Christie’s: Rene Lalique Diadem

Carved out of clarified horn, two groups of three fern leaves make up the center, while two smaller sets taper off at the sides. An artist can say many things with one line. Lalique used a curved line of rose-cut … Continue reading

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The Hair Combs of Lucien Gaillard

Lucien Gaillard (1861-1942) was a contemporary of René Lalique and achieved equal fame c. 1900, as Art Nouveau and Japonisme swept Paris. However, unlike Lalique, Gaillard’s animals and insects were proportioned exactly. He did not elongate parts of his animals … Continue reading

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Gina Hellweger and Kajetan Fiedorowicz: Black Tai Hair Pin from North Vietnam

Gina Hellweger collected this silver hair pin topped with a French coin from 1936. Kajetan Fiedorowicz identified it. It was made by the Black Tai Dam. In 1250 BC, the Mongols destroyed the Tai kingdom of Nan Chao, and all … Continue reading

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Sotheby’s: Hair Comb from Scottish Jewelers A & J Smith

The Scottish penchant for austerity is present in both their silversmithing and jewelery making. Alex and John Smith worked in Aberdeen from 1880 to 1932. As Art Nouveau produced ever more nuanced and philosophical pieces in France, A&J Jewelers made … Continue reading

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Creative Museum: Tuareg Jewelry Worn by a Wodaabe Woman

by The Creative Museum: Parmi les peuples de la savane africaine, les Peuls, appelés aussi Fulanis, se font remarquer par la finesse de leurs traits. Les hommes comme les femmes attachent beaucoup d’importance à leur aspect physique qu’ils entretiennent avec … Continue reading

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Creative Museum: Diadem from the French Revolutionary Period

The Creative Museum has just acquired this French seed pearl diadem. The horse-head marking on one tine indicates it was made c. 1789 – 1798, during the French Revolution. In 1791, the Chapelier law abolished corporate rights to control precious … Continue reading

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Jen Cruse: Are Reptiles or Bugs Ever Appealing?

By Jen Cruse: The answer is, obviously sometimes! This delightful small handbag (purse) cased comb dates from the 1920-30s, a popular accessory for smart ladies of the Art Deco period. The case and comb are made from an opaque cream … Continue reading

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