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Charles Loloma Hair Comb

What does an innovator do when his soul, land, and religion belong to a race who survived genocide? How does an artist feel when his genius compels him to consider all cultural ideas equally, even those of the countries responsible … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Sale: The Mike Todd Tiara

In 1957, she gave him a daughter. Abandoned to love, he gave her this: Nine scrolls with larger terminals, spaced by latticework motifs, c. 1880. It sold for $4,226,500, but that doesn’t matter to me. Love is still priceless. Tiara … Continue reading

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Some Lovely Things on Ebay

We are beauty hunters. Some lovely things have sold on E-bay at good prices, while other nice pieces are still for sale. This emerald, pearl, and diamond Victorian parure was sent in by one of our community’s subscribers. I was … Continue reading

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Chinese Gold Jewelry

To elaborate on the development of Chinese gold jewelry, I had to take an archaeological journey from the Shang Dynasty (1766 – 1122 B.C.) to the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911 A.D.). Looking at ancient maps, China started out small. … Continue reading

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Jen Cruse: Garnets Adorning Hair Combs in the 19th Century

Garnets are semi-precious gemstones of the silicate (quartz) group of minerals, found in metamorphic rock in a variety of colours. They have been known since the Bronze Age not only as gemstones but also for their abrasive qualities. The gemstone … Continue reading

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Creative Museum: Peinetas y Mantillas Españolas (Spanish Mantilla Combs)

(Para este tema, The Creative Museum escribe en español. An English translation can be found in the first comment.) कंघी En la cultura española, hay un elemento de arraigada tradición que es el uso de la peineta. Este ornamento femenino … Continue reading

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Jessica Beauchemin: Collection Bestiaire and A Sense of Time

  Ms. Beauchemin writes in French. English speakers may read a translation in the first comment. Bestiaire I – Dasyatis sephen, 2011 Medium: Black Ebony, Movingui Veneer, Stingray polished and non polished Finish: Linseed Oil and Beeswax Techniques: Bending, Sculpture, … Continue reading

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Jeanne D’Arc, Antoine de Paris, and the Bob

No one ever knew what she looked like. All we know is after Burgundian soldiers burned her village to the ground, she started hearing voices at 12. God commanded her to drive the English out of France so the Dauphin … Continue reading

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Piel Frères Egyptian Revival Hair Comb

Piel Frères was started by Alexandre Piel in 1855. Working with sculptor and artistic director Gabriel Stalin, they sculpted beautiful designs, using gilded inexpensive materials and made jewelry that looked luxurious for a fraction of the price. Choosing silver, celluloid, … Continue reading

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Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe Hair Comb

She was known simply as Torun, the most important Swedish silversmith of the post-war era. Her mother was a sculptor. Growing up on a remote island, her mother’s artistic influence possibly inspired her to think of silver as assymetric and … Continue reading

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