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BarbaraAnne’s Hair Comb Buying Guide

Here are my picks from around the web. This masterpiece was brought to my attention by The Creative Museum. Merci, Monsieur Touzinaud. The most magnificent cameos are those where the artist gives the natural coloration in the stone a purpose in his carved figure. In these stunning examples, the color defines flowers in the women’s…Continue Reading

Las “Falleras” Valencianas

By The Creative Museum. The English translation may be found in the first comment. Tous les ans, du 14 au 19 mars, à Valencia, a lieu l’une des fêtes les plus réputées d’Espagne : “LAS FALLAS”. Elle attire un nombre considérable de touristes venus de toute l’Europe. C’est LA Fête au sens pur de l’art,…Continue Reading

Creative Museum: Ancient Jade Chinese Combs

After rebellions crushed a united China under the Han Dynasty in 220 AD, a turbulent period began where power moved from North to South. During the Six Dynasties (220 – 589 AD), especially the Period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties (386-589), Confucianism was challenged, as Buddhism and Taoism took hold. It was a period…Continue Reading

Creative Museum: Recent Acquisitions

The Creative Museum has acquired four new pieces: This is one of the greatest Auguste Bonaz combs I have ever seen. I don’t even know what to say. For me, when I look at this, I see a mythical griffin with real ruby eyes, as in the English tradition, or a Japanese water-god dragon with…Continue Reading

Creative Museum: The Riches of the French Empire

Multimedia exhibitions on comb scholarship are the hallmark of the Creative Museum. “The Riches of the French Empire” shows us how fashion expressed the tragedy of revolution, themes of antiquity brought back a refined aesthetic, Napoleon recognized a business opportunity, and how men put women in charge of exhibiting their wealth. The comb was an…Continue Reading

New Acquisitions at the Creative Museum

Just as prowling for treasure is a way of life, so world-class scholarship is a state of mind. The Creative Museum has acquired two stunning new pieces for their collection: a gilt-gold hair pin with opals, rubies, and turquoise surrounding an emerald, probably from India. and a Burmese ivory grooming comb. The carved ivory is…Continue Reading

The Hair Combs of Lucien Gaillard

Lucien Gaillard (1861-1942) was a contemporary of René Lalique and achieved equal fame c. 1900, as Art Nouveau and Japonisme swept Paris. However, unlike Lalique, Gaillard’s animals and insects were proportioned exactly. He did not elongate parts of his animals to express Symbolist philosophy. In his famous “Bluebird” comb, he observed the arch of birds’…Continue Reading

Creative Museum: Tuareg Jewelry Worn by a Wodaabe Woman

by The Creative Museum: Parmi les peuples de la savane africaine, les Peuls, appelés aussi Fulanis, se font remarquer par la finesse de leurs traits. Les hommes comme les femmes attachent beaucoup d’importance à leur aspect physique qu’ils entretiennent avec le plus grand soin. Ils utilisent de nombreux accessoires de beauté trouvés sur les marchés,…Continue Reading

Creative Museum: Diadem from the French Revolutionary Period

The Creative Museum has just acquired this French seed pearl diadem. The horse-head marking on one tine indicates it was made c. 1789 – 1798, during the French Revolution. In 1791, the Chapelier law abolished corporate rights to control precious metals. Corporations could not punch a company mark on the pieces they made and could…Continue Reading